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The Good, The Bad, and The Crack-Pot

The Good: One of my short story submission will be published by an online press! Well…short story is a stretch. It’s more of a drabble and it isn’t in a genre that I usually write in…but it’s a start! It’s a credit! It’s $5!

The Bad: I am a total idiot and missed the SYTYCW submission deadline because I forgot about time shifting. Too bad. I really like my entry. There’s always next year right? Hell, maybe I’ll polish it for a bit and try my hand at an actual submission. I’m angry at myself for missing the contest but glad it actually got me to work on something that had been lying around for awhile.

The Crack-Pot: I quit my job. As of Tuesday I will be unemployed. It’s crazy! Oh, and I also joined a background casting agency. Quarter-life crisis ahoy!

We also did a Zombie photo-shoot at FanExpo…


EXTRA EXTRA: The Unsolicited Project

Sometimes you’re just supposed to be a part of something. I submitted my CV for The Unsolicited Project (created by Adrianna DiLonardo, Sarah Rotella, and Zach Murray) and was surprised when I got a call for an audition. I prepped my lines and, although I was up for a character I wasn’t entirely comfortable with, I was really looking forward to the audition. Unfortunately, when the time came I was sick a a dog (shooting the Our Lady Peace video the previous day didn’t help) and I had to bail. I was bummed because it seemed like a really fun project and a great group of people.


I’m slowly becoming the queen of the awkward fist-bump…

A few weeks later, I’m trolling around the internet, trying to find a way to build up my resume and stumble upon a craigslist ad to work as an extra. I hummed and hawed a bit but said the hell with it and sent an email. Within the hour I received a response from the same people I had been corresponding with for the Unsolicited Project. Fate?

I can’t explain how much fun it was to be on set with these people. The cast and crew were fantastic. Geeks always find other geeks and we sat around talking about every ounce of nerd we could (Avengers, Game of Thrones, Sherlock–we had it all covered). The extras played interns and actually had some interesting gags. Do I wish that I had gone to the audition? Of course, but this was a fine consolation prize.

Check out the Unsolicited Project in the link below (I’m in episodes 1&2).

Everyone Starts Somewhere: As Fast As You Can by Our Lady Peace

Building up your CV is hard, especially when you’re starting from scratch. After years of academics and failed job hunting I decided to turn to something completely different–something I never had the courage to do before.  Sure, I did plays in high-school, but even then I never tried to stand out. My nerves, my fear of failure, and my general teenage stupidity stopped me from trying for the leads or breaking out of my comfort zone. I was happy enough singing in the chorus or playing the side-kick. In hindsight I wish I’d pushed myself harder.  Who knows where I’d be right now if I had?

 In a moment of madness (spurred on by employment woes and life contemplation) I signed up for weekend acting classes and realized just how much I missed it–The rehearsals. The camaraderie. The ability to become someone else for just a little while.

I  started auditioning for low budget, no pay, independent, and student films. I haven’t booked much yet and I’m clearly a little rusty, but more than anything, I’m proud of myself for giving it a shot. Hell, I even booked a music video. It may not be Justin Beiber (or whoever the kids are listening to these days…One Direction?) but 8th grade me would have done some serious squealing if she knew that one day she would be changing in the same trailer as Our Lady Peace.