Missing Letters

Christian sat puffing a cigarette on the edge of a rumpled double bed.  Smoke circled up to the ceiling, making an already dismal room murky and grey. A neon vacancy sign blinked outside of the window, barely visible in the dull morning light. He’d stayed at Goodmen’s Inn before, years ago, when the linens were new and the paint was fresh.  Now the G, D, and O were missing from the road-side sign and cigarette smoke had yellowed the curtains. Christian smiled as he took another drag. He rarely thought about time.  It was good to be human again. Continue reading


Saturday Sketch: Jaime Lannister

jaime port 2

Saturday Sketch: Tyrion Lannister

Practicing with the tablet. I’m loving the different chalk options!


Tyrion attempt

You have to love Peter Dinklage.

Drabble: Ashen Lady

His body was lifeless, cold, and yet she clung to him like a child clutching a blanket. He was all she knew and all she had ever known. His eyes had watched her run and play as a child. His hands had bandaged her knees and wiped tears from her cheeks. The calm lilt of his voice still hung in her ears—whispers of promises, praise, and love. As she stroked the curve of his shoulder, she remembered the night he made her his bride. Continue reading

Enter the Tablet

Instead of wasting my birthday money on frivolous things like food and shelter, I gave in and bought Wacom Bamboo tablet. Digital art has always fascinated me, so I finally decided to give it a try. I doubt I’ll ever be able to create the realism of the digital artists that I admire, but it’s pretty fun to doodle cartoons without having to fight with my scanner! My friends came up with some pretty interesting prompts to get me started including….

Jimi Hendrix on a snow tube

Jimi Hendrix on a snow tube playing guitar


A kitty knitting

A kitty knitting

and even…

A raptor who is bad at math

A raptor who is bad at math

All in all, I am completely satisfied with my purchase and will continue to doodle my way into learning some digital skills. I’d love some new prompts too! The ore ridiculous the better!

Short Story: Missing Letters

My story, “Missing Letters” was published today on http://www.barebacklit.com!


We are guided through life by moments, people, and feeling, but sometimes the ideas themselves have agendas all their own. A girl in a bar, a child in a park–who must they follow, and will their guide lead them where they want to go?

Take a look http://www.barebacklit.com/Missing-Letters-by-Jillian-E-Nagel.html and come back and tell me what you think!!

Game of Thrones Doodles!

Time for some cute little Game of Thrones boredom!!

Arya Stark and Gendry share an awkward moment

Young Sansa and Arya Stark act like sisters

Jon Snow and Sam lost and confused beyond the wall