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The Trouble with Low Self Esteem

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Something Out of Loss: Art Post

I grew up in the country. My grandparents were farmers and I have memories of feeding calves and riding tractors around the fields. When it came time for them to sell, my parents bought the old farmhouse and my grandparents severed off a lot and build a little brick house right next door. Needless to say, we were close. It hit me hard when my grandpa passed away. He was the first person I’d ever lost, and he was someone who was always in my corner no matter what. In my grief, I painted this from my favourite picture of the two of us together.

I’d dabbled in acrylics before but his was the first time I sat down and really tried to¬†accomplish¬†something. The lines aren’t perfect and the details aren’t quite clean but it conveys the mood I wanted, and to me, captures a man I will never forget.

“You can do it Jilly-girl!” ~Blake (Earl) Nagel