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The Good, The Bad, and The Crack-Pot

The Good: One of my short story submission will be published by an online press! Well…short story is a stretch. It’s more of a drabble and it isn’t in a genre that I usually write in…but it’s a start! It’s a credit! It’s $5!

The Bad: I am a total idiot and missed the SYTYCW submission deadline because I forgot about time shifting. Too bad. I really like my entry. There’s always next year right? Hell, maybe I’ll polish it for a bit and try my hand at an actual submission. I’m angry at myself for missing the contest but glad it actually got me to work on something that had been lying around for awhile.

The Crack-Pot: I quit my job. As of Tuesday I will be unemployed. It’s crazy! Oh, and I also joined a background casting agency. Quarter-life crisis ahoy!

We also did a Zombie photo-shoot at FanExpo…